Frequently Asked Questions

Are the activities primarily indoors or outdoors?

Activities during Camp SENAH will be held both indoors and outdoors. If modification for indoor activities are necessary Camp SENAH staff and volunteers will communicate changes as soon as possible.

What age must my child be to participate in the activities? Will groups be separated by age?

Camp SENAH is available to children 5-12 years of age. We will separate groups when it’s appropriate to modify activities or manage group size and maturity of participants.

What would happen if my child is misbehaving or becomes a distraction during the virtual camp?

If your child or children misbehave or become a distraction to other campers, they will be provided 2 warnings. After the third warning (via the chat box), they will be asked to sign off and parents will be notified of the request and behavior.

May I use a personalized virtual background?

In order to maintain a respectful learning environment and experience, Camp SENAH requires that your campers mute their mics and turn cameras off unless they are instructed to do otherwise. This will allow the current speaker little disruptions during their presentation.

Where can I purchase some materials?

Most materials are household items or may be purchased from the Dollar store or Michaels.

How much supervision will my child need during camp activities?

Supervision is not required for most activities; if there is a need for parental guidance, an email will be sent regarding the specific activities.

What if my child is too old for Camp SENAH?

No problem at all, since our recent partnership with FMM, Inc., we now offer programs such as Thyme 2 Grow, Ag-Tech, leadership opportunities and internships for college students.

Feel free to email us directly for more details.