Camp S.E.N.A.H. is a virtual camp that creates a space where children can lead and be their best selves.  Children have the opportunity to lead their peers through their own talents whether it’s painting, building LEGO bots, running track, or improv.  They can simply be themselves.  This camp will be a safe haven to simply just “be you!”

From the Founder: Jenelle M. Hanes

I am an educator and proven innovator for education program development through intentional research and training, providing specialized activities and events in a variety of settings. I am a systematic and robust operations and leadership professional with over 15 years leading teachers and staff in compliance, operations, and effective communications.  I have experience in re-engineering operations and procedures for school age centers with a deep understanding of development of confidentiality, educational initiatives and progress tracking.  


“My greatest desire is to boldly influence other educators and stakeholders to genuinely invest in the lives of children from conception to adulthood. “

-Jenelle M. Hanes

What We Offer

This summer campers will observe their peers leading activities in culinary, art, science, robotics, and re-purposing activities during the camp.  They will explore their own creativity through hands-on implementation, project based learning, and physical fitness.